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            How does Adzooma compare to Captain Growth?

            Adzooma focuses on being quicker and easier to use than our competitors, saving you more time and giving you better results.

            All of our opportunities, the suggestions that we make to help you improve your account's performance, can be applied with just a few clicks all from within your Adzooma account - there are no instructions to follow and there's no need to take manual action in Google Ads, which is the case for some of Captain Growth's suggestions. 

            Adzooma also eliminates your repetitive daily and weekly tasks with fully-customisable automation rules and notifications. Are you reviewing your account for poor keywords on a weekly basis, pausing any with no conversions? With Adzooma you can create an automation rule to do this for you each week and notify you of the changes.

            Automation is a feature that you won't find in competitors platforms.

            In addition, Captain Growth requires the user to take action in the ad platform and it does not include reporting or shopping features.
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